Norway - Sverm - I Am Sir Nicholas Hytner

from by Global Metal Apocalypse

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Once upon a time, there was this kid with some tattoos, he actually came out of his moms womb with tattoos, looking for the best mismatch of people to join his band. One misty morning the kid took a stroll far, far into the woods where he could hear the most evil of tones piercing his ears, and minor chords stabbing his heart. As the kid followed the sound, he could see a beast 6,66 feet tall increasingly appearing in the mist. The kid asked, “Will you join my band” and the beast replied, “I will join, and I will shred, I will headbang till I´m dead”.

On his way home the kid passed a hobo screaming for some spare change “Please, please give me cash, or a couple grams of hash”. The kid said, ”Wow what a powerful voice, you must join my band” and the hobo replied “If you borrow me thy clothes, I your band will arose”. And so it was done. Further down the street the kid walked in to an abattoir where he met a vegetarian butcher covered in blood. The kid gazed and could barely say, “Wow, you´re nasty and smell bad, please join my band and make it rad” the vegetarian butcher replied “Ok, sjø!”

Later that day as the dusk went into night, the kid was passing through a narrow alley. Further up the alley the kid could see a hairy beast with more hair than Rapunzel, playing so heavy and brutal riffs that the earth started to shake. As the ground started to crack, the kid stuttered out ”That is the heaviest shit I´ve ever heard! Please join my band!” the beast replied “I will join you´re pussy band so futile, only to make it big and brutal!”

Ruben Sæle - Drums
Bjørn F. Johnsen - Bass
Jarle Goa - Guitar
Carl Bruno Bodin - Vocals

Please consider a donation, funds raised will be going to the Animal Health Trust.


from Arctic Blast, released November 13, 2015




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